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Calculate the workforce you are going to need for future projects and create your ideal rota accordingly

Using our workforce and staff forecasting application, you can ensure that you are meeting your exact labour force demand so that your rotas can match it.

Don’t leave it up to chance – trust the numbers instead. Using our technology you can forecast exactly how much labour you are going to need, as well as how much you can afford to have, so that your future rotas align precisely with those numbers. This means you are never going to be understaffed or over budget.

The algorithms used by our system are able to take data from your past projects and rotas, combining them to predict the size of workforce you are going to need going forward. The information is broken down to tell you precisely how many people are needed per task, and how many hours they are required to do.

This ensures that you always have a big enough workforce to get a task done, but never with so many people that you risk wasting valuable budget space.

Save Money with Smarter Forecasting

It is essential when taking on any new project that you get the workforce values right, because when you have too many people working on one thing, you are losing money. Our technology helps you to:

  • Stay accurate in your workforce volume
  • Be assured you have the right number of people on a project and aren’t spending a penny where it isn’t necessary.
  • Use your budget with better precision and planning.

Beyond individual projects, our technology also allows for better planning for your business as a whole. This covers general workforce demands such as administration and HR, as well as forecasting for payroll. Our aim is to allow you to do all of this more efficiently than if you were to forecast manually, saving you time as well.

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Make Manual Scheduling a Thing of the Past

Our algorithms are able to collect data and use it to make predictions about your required labour force within a matter of minutes; something that could take a human being hours to execute, and with better precision. There is no longer any need to worry whether you are going to be understaffed, because the predictions that our technology generates are based on numbers and data.

This will help you to:

  • Keep on track to hit headlines
  • Ensure that your employees aren’t being overworked and therefore can maintain their efficiency long term.
  • Ensure that you are never understaffed during busy and important times.

Get Better Results Every Time You Forecast

The amazing thing about using AI to forecast your schedules is that the predictions become more and more tailored to your needs every time you use it. This also means that as the demands of your client base changes, as will the forecasts that you receive.

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How Does It Work?

We use artificial intelligence to collect any kind of data that you may have and turn it into a future prediction for the same kind of data. This will predict the demand that you are likely to have at any point in a day or in a project, so that you always know what your workforce is going to look like.

Our system allows you to:

  • Enter the size of workforce that is available to you
  • Gain accurate forecasts for the future that reflects the real-time sizes of your teams
  • Ensure that you always have the right number of staff working

Our Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling Software Features

 schedule your rota online

Rota Planner

Plan ahead with better insights so that you can maintain control over your busiest periods.

 Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling

Cost Management

Keep better track of your costs, from internal to agency workers, so that you can budget better.

 Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling

Real-time Labour Costs

Gain insight into spending with our estimated daily, weekly and per-shift cost breakdowns.

 Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling

Workforce Forecasting

Build rotas based on the revenue you are likely to make, without having to work it out for yourself.

 Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling


Gain deeper knowledge of your labour costs so that you can optimise how you manage your budget.

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