You will be provided with vital data so that you can constantly improve your workplace and keep both your employees and clients happy.

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Integrated Workforce Management

Gain in-depth insights from data that our system collects, so you have all of the most important numbers.

We don’t just help you to manage your workforce – we track and trace all of the data that is gathered through what you enter into our platform, and we make it readily available for our customers to use. This means that you can analyse what our system finds in the way that is most useful to you and your business, using it to make constant improvements and get better every day.

This kind of data can also be used to make impressive and sizeable statements about your business that are based on real numbers. This can be anything from attendance to forecasting to labour expenditures, which can be very appealing to stakeholders.

Metric data insights are what allow you to keep improving your business, boosting ROI and staff initiative.

Acquire Data Fast

If you need data quickly at any time, it’s all yours. We are able to run reports on request that give you all of the data you need, even if it’s on short notice. This means that you can get more done in a shorter space of time, leading to more intuitive data mapping for your business.

Rota Insights to Acquire Staff Data
Rota Insights

You Can’t Argue With Numbers

Any kind of statement about your business needs to be backed by numbers, and that is exactly what our insights can give you. By giving you data for you to analyse, we are giving you the opportunity to show that you are improving, as well as how you can continue to do better in the future.

Do More With Your Business

Labour is one of the biggest overspends in a typical business, but with good insights it doesn’t have to be. Our data can show you where you can save money on your workforce, so you immediately know when it’s time to rebalance and optimise it. Make smarter decisions and save money for your business, without the headache.

Rota to Acquire Staff Data

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