Leave & Absence Management

Never lose track of your available staff members – now you can approve and reject leave requests from any device.

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Manage all aspects of requests for leave of absence using one seamless application.

For employees, it is essential that being able to request a leave of absence and receiving a prompt response is a given, but it will also give you countless benefits as an employer. When drawing up schedules and rosters, it is important that you are able to have a comprehensive overview of who is going to be available and who is not. Using a digital platform that can be accessed anywhere and from any device means that employees can request leave on the go and see the approval or denial as soon as it is issued. It also means employers can keep track of who is available for every schedule that is put together. Using this, everyone is on the same page and there is no confusion moving forward.

Our advanced technology automatically takes employees off any rota or scheduling options if they have been approved for leave, making this process easier than ever. You can also add custom leave features that match the ones you offer within your company.

Every request, approval and denial of leave alongside all correspondence that goes with them is tracked and stored within the application. This means that all requests can be looked back on for auditing and ensures there is no confusion.

Intelligent Leave & Absence Tracking

Add your own custom leave requirements to our interface so that you can track exclusively using only one application. You can also set your own rules, ensuring that no one can take leave at a time that is prohibted, or at the same time as another essential team member.

Our system:

  • Calculates automatically whether too many employees have requested leave at once, so you don’t need to check it manually.
  • Lets you autoschedule to create rotas automatically, knowing that you will always have sufficient staff scheduled.
  • Let’s you accept and reject leave requests on the go.
Leave & Absence Management
Rota Leave Management

Dynamic Shift Management

Our application allows you to see in real time:

  • Who has clocked in for a shift
  • Who has called in sick
  • Who has not turned up.

From here, you are able to find cover for shifts and change the rota in an instant, ensuring that the right employees are always paid.

Getting in touch with employees for shift cover has never been easier, and can all be done through the application, with all available staff able to be contacted immediately.

Take Leave Requests Seamlessly

From their individual devices staff are able to:

  • Access how many hours of leave they have available to them
  • See the days that they are allowed to select leave
  • Get updates on whether their leave request has been accepted or denied

This means you can configure your own settings for staff, ensuring everyone cannot take leave at the same time. You can also go more in depth, corresponding through the application and attaching written information to requests for leave. As a manager, you have access to all employee leave requests and will be able to request or deny them from any device.

Rota Shift Management
Track Leave & Absence

Track Leave & Absence

As a manager you are able to see all leaves and absences for your staff in one place, giving you an overview of which absences must be followed up and which have been accounted for. This also allows you to keep on top of budget better and plan for future projects.

Our Leave & Absence Management Software Features

 Leave & Absence Management

Leave Calendar

Manage all staff leave from one place and allow your employees to take more control over when they work.

 Leave & Absence Management

Leave Approvals

Send leave approvals and rejections from anywhere and on any device, with employees being notified immediately.

 Leave & Absence Management

Leave Rules

Decide when employees can request leave and how many can request it at the same time, ensuring you are never understaffed.

 Leave & Absence Management

Absence Management

Record and keep track of absences with ease, recording who has worked and when.

 Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling


Keep track of recurring absences and see any issues as soon as they arise with detailed absence reports.

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