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If you are running professional services, it means that you are helping other businesses to run as they need to – but who is helping you run yours? While all of your focus is on your clients, it can be easy to let your own business relations fall to the side, and admin is a huge part of this. However, as your business grows, admin becomes more and more necessary, and putting it off is only going to harm your business.

If you have been putting off coming up with a better way of conducting admin for your business, then we have the perfect service for you. With our rota management platform, you can make scheduling your staff and time far easier, so that you can keep your focus on your clients.

Easy Rota Building

We know that you’re busy, so we have created the perfect schedule builder that isn’t going to eat up too much of your time. Our rota software allows you to colour code, add notes, drag and drop shifts, and reuse a rota multiple times, so you don’t need to worry about time consuming admin anymore.

Online Rota for Professional Services
Rota for Professional Services

Integrate Your Rota With Other Business Procedures

Not only do we allow you to build rotas easily, we also allow you to integrate accurate staff hours into your budget and payroll. This takes out all of that calculation time that takes a human hours, and has a computer do it for you in an instant.

Accurate Time Tracking

Things can get complicated when working out payroll with inaccurate hours, which is why it works best to have it automated. Our clock ins and outs comes with GPS restrictions, so no one can enter inaccurate information, and you will always know how many hours your staff actually worked.

Online Rota Software for Professional Services

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