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Our healthcare rota software is based on what healthcare professionals need to make their job easier.

Workforce management could not be more essential in an environment as fast-paced and important as healthcare. Now, we offer an opportunity to optimize healthcare staff scheduling in a way that makes for better patient care and higher staff satisfaction rates. Rosters can be created in advance and amended as needed, and all parties will be able to keep up to date with them from their own mobile phone.

We offer several different services via our integration and management platform that are perfectly optimized for staff and patient care management within the healthcare sector. Healthcare rota software designed to help you to manage your team more effectively and to optimize their time as well as your resources. We know that time and budget management are vital components of any healthcare facility like care homes and hospitals, this is what our rostering dashboard is designed to aid.

Schedules and Rotas Made Easy

Managing complex rotas is difficult in the healthcare sector, especially when considering how vital it is to have the right amount of staff on at all times. Our rostering system is entirely cloud based, and is designed to make rota creation easier in every way. Full schedules can be made within a matter of minutes, and they can either be repeated or changed within the coming weeks and months. Employees can see the up to date version of the rota right from their mobile phone, so there will never be any confusion over who is meant to be working and when.

Healthcare Rota Software
Rota Software For Healthcare Providers

Seamless Leave & Absence Tracking

Keep track of leave and absence requests easily, and ensure that you are never left understaffed. Employees are able to use our healthcare rota software to gain full control over when they work, without leave requests leaving you with too few team members present at any given time. Employees can file requests through their phone, and employers can accept and reject them as necessary. Those who have approved leave or absences tracked will not appear on the rotas that are created.

Employee Engagement

When employees feel that they do not have enough control over when they work, it can lead to unsatisfied workers who are less likely to do their job to the best of their abilities. Allowing employees to use a seamless mobile application system that gives them control means that no one is overworked and everyone is happy.

Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software

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