👋 About Us

Knowing first-hand how detrimental poor workforce management can be, we knew that we had to come up with a better solution for managers and business owners to create rotas and schedules, budget, forecast and manage payroll, as well as so much more.

Our mission

Our mission is to roll out our software to a variety of industries, so that workers across the board can reap the benefits of efficient workforce management. We aim to continue to expand, building a creative and passionate team, so that we can continuously improve and share the benefits of our idea with as many workers as possible.

Our vision

Our vision is for every company to be able to complete necessary and fundamental administrative tasks effortlessly. Our goal was always to create software that streamlined all of the essential business processes that managers and business owners must carry out so that they had more time to focus on other vital aspects of running their business or team. We visualise businesses of all sizes and types using our software so that they can manage their workforce more effectively.

Our Story

We are a group of healthcare clinicians and managers who have experienced the problems with poor workforce management first-hand, and our goal now is to find one solution to all of these problems. Now, we have expanded and evolved from the healthcare industry to many others.

Bringing together our skillsets, we have built an application that allows managers to manage every aspect of their workforce seamlessly and easily, taking the stress out of time-consuming and mundane tasks so that they have the time to focus on running their business.

This is how we came up with TheStaffPortâ„¢ – a solution that does all of these things, for people of any experience and qualification, and with any technology at their disposal. Our application is a feature-rich management software solution that will help you achieve your business goals, whether growing your business or managing your employees more effectively.

We have tested our idea on our own in-house ventures to ensure that it had the effects we predicted, and we were astounded by the positive results.

Our values

We believe that our core values are what make our product so great, and we have used them as the foundation for our entire business.


Our unified application is designed to meet all of your business needs, and we know that security is a huge part of that. We are aware that we are handling some highly sensitive and confidential information, and therefore we make it a priority to keep it safe.

Customer Satisfaction

We keep our customers at the very heart of our business, and so we do everything we can to keep what you want at the forefront. To ensure that we do this, we take on board all customer feedback, listening to what will really make our product the best that it can be.

Hard Work

We work every day to make sure that we are constantly improving our product. We never miss an opportunity to improve and learn from our mistakes, because we know that this is what it will take to have the best product out there.

Always Improving

We believe in our product wholeheartedly, but we also understand that it’s a learning process, and that we can continuously get better every day. We are always looking for new ways to make our product better for our customers - the job is never done.

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