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If your business primarily runs out of an office space, you might think that creating a rota for office hours is simple and easy – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. These days, offices have increasingly complex shift patterns as well as an introduction to flexible work hours, and all of these things make scheduling a lot more difficult. On top of everything else that you need to stay on top of, rota and schedule management can feel almost impossible to maintain – but do not worry, we have a solution for you.

Instead of you carrying out all of this hard work, let us do the work for you. TheStaffPort™ allows you to maintain control while taking off the pressure of creating accurate and effective rotas all by yourself. We make all of those complex rota issues more simple, such as managing shift patterns of each employee, managing leave and also absences. This can then be integrated with your budgets, forecasts and payroll.

Execute Even the Most Complex Rotas

If you are constantly wrestling with excel spreadsheets, then we have the product for you. Our software makes the process easy, even when you have multiple shift patterns to navigate alongside holiday and leave requests. Our platform brings some automation into your rota management, which takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders.

Online Rota Software for IT & Tech Company
Rota for IT & Tech Company

Clock-in Overviews to Manage Flexitime

We know that flexible working hours can have a great impact on your office, but it also makes rotas and scheduling a lot more difficult for you as a manager. Luckily, our rota software makes this easier for you, keeping time records for those on flexible hours so that you can still ensure they are working the hours assigned to them. Clocked hours will automatically be integrated with payroll too, so you don’t need to spend any time working it out yourself.

Leave Management Made Easy

Managing leave and holiday requests is one of the most complex aspects of managing a schedule, but employees expect for it to be seamless and easy for them. So how can you do both? Our platform makes managing leave easy for you and your staff – they can request anything from their side, and you can accept it or reject it on yours. Once a leave request has been accepted, you will not be able to add that person to the rota for this time, which helps you avoid mixups.

Online Rota for IT & Tech Company

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