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Holiday, Leave & Absence Tracking

Using our platform allows you to simplify the agency management process; streamlining your projects and managing your finances just became easier.

It can be hard to keep track of all the complex aspects of running an agency, especially when trying to blend various invoicing and tracking tools with in-house processes. It may feel like it’s only going to be so long before something begins to fall behind or gets missed out. This is why it’s essential to use an agency management platform that is going to streamline these processes and keep your operations running in one place.

What we provide to our clients is the tool that brings together all of the components of your business. We combine all of the management workflows that you are currently juggling and present them to you on one user-friendly dashboard.

Link Multiple Agencies Into One System

Bring different agencies onto one platform so that you can run your administration seamlessly. As your company grows, there is more and more that needs to be juggled in order to keep your finances in order. It becomes increasingly easy for things to fall through the gaps and your profits to be harmed as a consequence.

When you link everything into one system, however, you can:

  • Manage everything in one place so that nothing is ever overlooked.
  • Save time and ensure that everyone has the information that they need.
  • Make sure all agents are paid correctly and on time.
Agency Management
Rota Agency Management

Agency Worker Tracking

We allow you to keep track of all agency workers on the same dashboard, so you never have to use complicated Excel spreadsheets ever again. You can see clearly from the dashboard:

  • Who you have on board.
  • Who needs to be paid.
  • When people need to be paid by.

This acts as an all in one solution to manage the business operations of your company. With every feature you could need to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Invoice and Cost Tracking

All of your agency invoices will be displayed in one place, so you have a full overview of what you are spending and who has been paid.

  • Ensure all clients are billed correctly and agencies are paid on time.
  • Never have to worry that something has been missed or is incorrect.
  • Budget accurately for all projects so that you always know what you have to work with.
Agency Worker Tracking
Rota Cost Management

Cost Management

Ensure that you are maximising your profit through thorough cost management strategies. Never again will you have to worry about inconsistent data that makes it hard to manage your business costs.

Our agency management platform is an all-in-one solution that:

  • Puts all of your information in one place.
  • Lets you know what you are spending and how much of your budget remains.
  • Empowers employers by giving them the ability to manage and track everything with ease, bringing confidence and control into any workplace.

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