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Few things are more important in hospitality than planning and scheduling – oftentimes it is the only thing that keeps the business running in the first place. However, this can make admin more time consuming than ever, especially when you start scaling up and employing more people. When admin starts to take up more and more of your time, your customers can start to suffer – getting the right balance can be a huge challenge.

This is where our software comes in. Here at TheStaffPort™, we have found a way to make all of these tasks easier and smoother for our clients, so that you can spend more time on other aspects of your business that need your attention. Our workforce management platform helps you to plan your rotas, track your staff hours, manage absence and leave, as well as helping to integrate all of that with your budgets and payroll. We also offer a free mobile app that can be used by all of your staff, so you know that they have all of the up to date information and mix-ups are not as likely.

Make Shift Mixups a Thing of the Past

Our rotas are all in the cloud, so your staff are going to have the up to date rota at all times. This means that staff are far less likely to miss shifts or mix them up, and you can go about your daily operations with all of the staff that were scheduled to be there.

Online Rota Software for Hospitality Industries
Rota for Hospitality Industries

Manage Holiday and Leave Seamlessly

Managing staff holiday hours gets more stressful the busier your business gets, but our rota management systems make this significantly easier. There is no need to remember your staff’s availability or risk a schedule mixup, because our system does all of this for you. You can add staff holiday requests, accept or reject requests from employees, and block off time where staff cannot take holidays, for ultimate team management during peak periods.

See Staff Availability Easily

Both you and your employees will be able to check an availability overview from any device, so you always know when staff are able to work when you’re planning a schedule. This is great if you have a lot of part time staff, or during peak holiday season.

Online Rota for Hospitality Industries

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