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Living in the digital age, everything is changing at a rapid pace, and retail employers are under pressure to change alongside it. This might seem like a big change to make if you are used to conducting everything manually and with your own in-house procedures, but making the change is going to save you a lot of time in the long run. Trying to handle rotas and staff without a cohesive platform can be difficult, particularly when it comes to covering shifts, incorrect rotas and time-consuming rota creation.

That is where our platform comes in. We help you to solve all of these avoidable issues and save you time by bringing all of your scheduling needs into one smooth design. Now, you can quickly and easily create and make changes to rotas which can be viewed by all staff members from any device.

Save Time with Rota Patterns

You can create your own custom rota using our platform and duplicate it as many times as you need. This means that if you find a recurring schedule that works for all of your staff members, you can keep it as a template and make minor amendments as needed. This saves time, meaning you don’t have to create a new rota from scratch every single week. You can make amendments to your rota at any time, and from any device, as necessary.

Rota Management Software For Retailers
Online Rota For Retailers

See Hours & Cost Overview

Another great benefit of using our rota system for your store? We give you a full overview of the total number of hours you have scheduled into each rota and a breakdown of the cost of those staffing hours. You can also ensure that you have enough managers and team members for every shift, ensuring that you are never understaffed or over budget.

Make Amendments Instantly

Our rotas are all entirely cloud-based, meaning that every single team member has access to them at all times. Everyone who needs to see the rota will be able to see the finalized and updated version from their mobile phone, so even when changes are made, they can be seen instantly – no more room for mixups. Amendments to shifts can be made immediately, and the hours recorded for each staff member will automatically be recorded into their pay for the month.

Rota Management For Retailers

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