How AI Can Transform How You Run Your Business

Businesses are at a crucial time right now…

Rotas and Schedules

Businesses are at a crucial time right now where major changes into the digital realm are becoming more and more necessary all the time. This change is going to revolutionise the way we run businesses, but for some companies, the change can be daunting and they might feel underprepared to move forward in a new way.

Pair this with the fact that since the pandemic workplaces have had to make a lot more allowances for flexible work schedules and working from home, which can make scheduling and budgeting a lot more complex. The expectations of staff have changed, and it is up to employers to keep up with these expectations to avoid high turnover, all while ensuring they are remaining compliant with regulations and making profit.

Meeting all of these requirements is not easy, but there are ways to take the pressure off. The rise of technology does put more pressure on businesses, but it also means that there are equally advanced ways of meeting these expectations while saving time and money too. Therefore, we argue that introducing Artificial Intelligence into your business is going to transform the way you do things and the results you get.

Here are the key ways in which AI is going to transform your business:
  • AI Scheduling
    Schedules are one of the most time-consuming things that employers do on a regular basis, but with the use of AI, it doesn’t have to be that way. AI can take scheduling tasks that would take you hours to do alone and have it done within minutes, producing a rota that is accurate and has everyone where they need to be at the right time. AI can also take data from past shifts and predict how many people you are going to need in the future, as well as suggest where staff members should be placed within the workplace.
  • Better Visibility
    AI systems also integrate all of the data into one overview, so you can see everything you need to in one place. This also allows you to make better and faster decisions about rotas, seeing which locations or branches need employees and when.
  • Mobile Apps
    Nothing says ‘convenient’ like having a mobile application that allows you to do everything you need on the go. Using a powerful mobile app to view rotas, see employee leave requests and keep track of absences means you have full control over your workplace no matter where you are.
  • Time-saving Automation
    One of the biggest perks of using AI is that it can automate your workplace. This means that the time taken from scheduled hours is automatically integrated with payroll and budgeting, so you are never going to under or overpay staff. It also keeps the workplace bias free and fair, ensuring that all staff get the same treatment.
To find out more about how The Staff Port’s AI scheduling tools can help you, please take a look at our Industries and Solutions pages on our website.

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