Employee Engagement

Keep your employee satisfaction high with our easily manageable mobile app, allowing them to take control over their holidays, shift swaps and shift availability.

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Workforce Satisfaction

Create a communicative and transparent work environment that your employees are going to love.

For employees to become engaged in the processes of your company, they need to be enjoyable and easy to use.

In the modern digital age, one thing is for sure – employees are no longer engaged by paper rotas and lengthy correspondence processes within their workspace. We live in the age where everything can be done from a mobile phone, making everything available and readily accessible from anywhere at any time – workspaces should be no different. That is why we offer our employee services on one streamlined mobile app, so that everyone is always on the same page and no one misses anything important.

Via the app, staff are able to look at their rotas to see when they are working, view how many holiday hours they have remaining, request leave and phone in sick, and update their work availability. Employees can opt for app notifications to be updated of any vital changes such as leave approval or shift changes.

Poor shift and leave management is one of the leading causes of high company turnover, so it is essential that employees feel there is an easy way to keep track of their work and engage with management via requests. With our app, your team are going to feel in control of their work, and as a manager you are always going to be in the loop – it’s a win for everyone.

Schedule Smarter

It isn’t always easy to make the move from manual to digital when it comes to business, but the payback you can expect from making the change is going to show you that it’s worth it. There are a lot of reasons why going digital is worthwhile for your company, but a huge part of it is keeping employees more engaged. Those who have been using the internet and digital platforms all their lives expect for their work life to be managed as seamlessly as their personal life, which makes an app the perfect solution.

Employee Control

It’s a common issue within companies that employees do not feel satisfied with the rigid nature of the scheduling. Employees feel that there isn’t enough flexibility given to them, and they are not able to change their shifts or ask for leave as they might like to. Our application allows your employees to be more in control of how they work, without taking any of that control away from you. Shift changes and leave requests are now easy for both employers and employees, as everything can be viewed on one application. Schedules can also be altered from any device in any location, so there is no need to wait until the next working day to respond to someone’s request.

Everyone Is Satisfied

Using our application, you can make sure that all members of your team are happy with the ways in which shifts are given out. Employees can swap shifts with one another, request days off and request leave right from their mobile phones, and you can accept and reject them. as you see fit. This ensures that no members of staff feel they have been overworked, while also seeing that no one is getting less hours than they would like.

Our Digital Rota & Scheduling Software Features

 Employee Engagement

Shift Swaps

Employees can swap shifts with one another quickly and easily via the mobile app, giving them more control.

 Employee Engagement

Employee Profile

Employees are able to update their personal details on desktop and mobile, including work availability and preferences.

 Employee Engagement


Liaise with employees via the platform or contact other stores and locations. All messages are secured and entirely confidential.

 Leave & Absence Management

Leave Management

Employees can view leave allowances and balance as well as be notified when a leave request has a response.

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