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Say goodbye to manual rotas; our seamless and user-friendly platform allows you to build all of your schedules online and in the cloud.

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Choose a rota and scheduling system that works entirely in the cloud, streamlining your workforce processes.

The purpose of our digital solution for rota and staff scheduling is to bring your paper scheduling system into the modern day. Nowadays, the speed of daily life begs for something easier to use and more efficient, and that is exactly what we have created.

Our digital rota manager allows users to create rotas that can be shared among colleagues and edited for optimal use, all on one modern and user-friendly platform. By using a singular dashboard to manage every aspect of scheduling, we cut down on all of the time-consuming aspects that come with traditional methods of rotas, allowing you to record and save shift patterns, holidays, staff preferences and company policies such as hours between shifts.

What’s more, our cloud-connected portal can be viewed on any device and from wherever you are, so staff and managers can connect and interact through the platform in any place and at any time. This brings together your scheduling into one streamlined process that moves more quickly and with a higher satisfaction rate.

Manual rotas only hold you back and slow you down, but our platform is specifically designed to make running your business easier and reduce your admin time.

Easily Build Specified and Personalised Rotas

We know that when it comes to admin, you want to cut down the time that it takes as much as you possibly can – that is where we come in. There are two ways in which we help you save time: 1) we allow you to build your schedules digitally and share them with everyone who needs to see them at the push of a button, cutting manual admin time significantly, and 2) by creating a platform that is so simple, you’ll be able to start using it right away without any learning needed.

A Platform Your Team Will Love

When you use our dashboard to make your life easier in terms of rotas and scheduling, you are making the lives of your colleagues easier at the same time, and this fosters a more positive and productive working environment all around. Your staff are going to be able to maximise their shifts to their benefits in terms of swapping and changing shifts, and you are going to be kept in the loop all the while.

Work & Schedule Smarter

Track costs, see total worked hours, and ensure that all of your staff are keeping up to speed – all in one place. You can analyse real metrics through our system as well as simply creating the rotas there, helping you to save both time and money.

Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

Not only do our streamlined digital rotas save you time by cutting down your daily admin tasks, but they also save you money by ensuring that you aren’t scheduling staff for more hours than is necessary. This gives you better budget management and a consistent overview of where money could be saved.

Our Digital Rota & Scheduling Software Features


Drag, Drop & Copy

Easily build a digital rota by dragging and dropping shifts into place and copying shifts as often as you need.


All in one shift planning

Both employees and employers can see everything in one place, so everyone knows where they need to be and when.

 Digital Rotas & Schedules

Multiple locations and roles

If you require more complex and specific scheduling, we allow you to differentiate between shifts by adding locations and roles.

 Digital Rotas & Schedules

Open Shifts

Fill gaps in your rota fast by sending staff notifications when there is an open shift.

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