Boost Your Team’s Morale When the Chips Are Down: 5 Tips

Work place or offices could often face the…

Boost Your Team

Work place or offices could often face the issue of dipping worker morale.

The reason could be many, such as:

  • No or little growth
  • Workers require personal growth like the business they could be working for. When the organisation isn’t growing or doing well, staff may become de-motivated and uninterested. As per a study, workers and team members require growth to stay continuously engaged and motivated because, minus it, they will become somewhat disengaged and will sooner or later press the exit button for more challenging opportunities.

  • Lack of clarity
  • If your workers or colleagues have no idea as to what you expect from them, or if they don’t know what’s going on in the company, they won’t have the inspiration to work to the best of their skills and ability.

    5 Tips/Solutions

    Don’t worry! These solutions would help!

    • Promote work-life balance among employees: work is important but so are family and friends. Workers are human beings and they need emotional support and the right amount of time to spend quality time with their family and friends. An overworked worker, who hardly gets any time to attend to the duties beyond what is required at his or her workplace, will become de-motivated and stressed even as he may not continue for long. So, promote fine work-life balance among your staff. The results will surprise you.
    • Praise them: If your employees/team members are doing a reasonably decent job and helping your company grow and expand, praise them. This will be the tonic they need to keep pushing the boundaries of excellence and commitment at the work place.
    • Give positive, developmental feedback: This is equally vital. Give constructive and developmental feedback to your staff so that they tailor their work accordingly and grow, in the process, helping your company taste more success and growth.
    • Keep them in the loop: Never ignore your workers or come out with new plans or strategies without keeping all the stakeholders, including your staff, in the loop. Let’s say your organisation needs a new leader or boss and plans are afoot for this. If you continue with your plans, without informing your employees and team members, they will feel bad and ignored. This will impact their overall performances and their productivity will nose-dive over a period of time.
    • Give your teammates a chance to interact outside of the office: Don’t to be too professional and discourage all interactions with your teammates and workers outside of your company or office. They aren’t robots. They will feel good if you treat them as human beings and nurture a healthy relationship with them even outside of the company’s walls. You will be surprised with the results.

    Follow these helpful tips and get stunning results for your organisation and also your staff/team members!

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