Our all-in-one platform offers highly intuitive and rich features to enable your business to grow and make management simple.

Digital Rotas & Schedules Features

Say goodbye to manual rotas; our user-friendly platform allows you to build all of your schedules online.


Drag, Drop & Copy

Easily build a digital rota by dragging and dropping shifts into place and copying shifts as often as you need.

 schedule your rota online

All in one shift planning

Both employees and employers can see everything in one place, so everyone knows where they need to be and when.

 Digital Rotas & Schedules

Multiple locations and roles

If you require more complex and specific scheduling, we allow you to differentiate between shifts by adding locations and roles.

 Digital Rotas & Schedules

Open Shifts

Fill gaps in your rota fast by sending staff notifications when there is an open shift.

Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling Features

Keep your employee satisfaction high with our easily manageable mobile app, allowing them to take control.

 schedule your rota online

Rota Planner

Plan ahead with better insights so that you can maintain control over your busiest periods.

 Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling

Cost Management

Keep better track of your costs, from internal to agency workers, so that you can budget better.

 Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling

Real-time Labour Costs

Gain insight into spending with our estimated daily, weekly and per-shift cost breakdowns.

 Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling

Workforce Forecasting

Build rotas based on the revenue you are likely to make, without having to work it out for yourself.

Leave & Absence Management Features

Never lose track of your available staff members - now you can approve and reject leave requests from any device.

 Leave & Absence Management

Leave Calendar

Manage all staff leave from one place and allow your employees to take more control over when they work.

 Leave & Absence Management

Leave Approvals

Send leave approvals and rejections from anywhere and on any device, with employees being notified immediately.

 Leave & Absence Management

Leave Rules

Decide when employees can request leave and how many can request it at the same time, ensuring you are never understaffed.

 Leave & Absence Management

Absence Management

Record and keep track of absences with ease, recording who has worked and when.

Employee Engagement Features

Keep your employee satisfaction high with our easily manageable mobile app, allowing them to take control over their holidays, shift swaps and shift availability.

 Employee Engagement

Shift Swaps

Employees can swap shifts with one another quickly and easily via the mobile app, giving them more control.

 Employee Engagement

Employee Profile

Employees are able to update their personal details on desktop and mobile, including work availability and preferences.

 Employee Engagement


Liaise with employees via the platform or contact other stores and locations. All messages are secured and entirely confidential.

 Leave & Absence Management

Leave Management

Employees can view leave allowances and balance as well as be notified when a leave request has a response.

Finance Features

Optimise your financial performance with the perfect workforce management

 Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling


Easily manage your payroll and ensure that it’s 100% accurate every time.

 Digital Rotas & Schedules

Timesheet Management

Get an overview of the exact dates and times worked by everyone and use this data for payroll.

 Digital Rotas

Data Export

Store all data regarding your workforce such as hours worked and absences recorded, and export it for other practices like budget and payroll.

 Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling


We generate detailed and accurate reports from your business proceedings so you always have an overview of all relevant information.

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